Neuroscience Software is a startup company founded in 2021 by Ivan Mishanin and Mariam Khayretdinova.

Our goal is to provide a software that will help clinicians understand the EEG reports and help diagnose, treat, and control the treatment outcome of a patient’s depression, thereby facilitating the work of clinicians and lowering the risk of patients’ death by suicide.

Our project aims to find what sub-diagnosis may lie behind the symptoms of “depression” using EEG and Machine Learning. Like many other scientists, we want to be able to recommend the best treatment approach for different groups of the patient, but most importantly, we want to identify “state-markers,” which can be used as the indicator of the treatment results and patient state.

Our software will work with most of the known clinical EEG devices. Our AI platform analyzes available data from your device and checks for different biomarkers. Software will produce a report with a list of all identified biomarkers, based on both linear and nonlinear signal analysis, rated according to current patient condition and their probability of depression, from 1 to 10 (low probability to high). 

Ivan Mishanin

Ivan Mishanin

Chief Executive Officer, co-founder

Mr. Mishanin is a successful entrepreneur and business development specialist with over 15 years of demonstrated expertise. Multiple successful ventures over the past decade. Most notably, he was the co-founder and CEO of Bright Box a global Connected Car software vendor that reached $XXM in annual revenue before acquisition by Zurich Insurance Group. As of 2020, the group is the world’s 117th largest public company according to Forbes’ Global 2000s list.

Mariam Khayretdinova

Mariam Khayretdinova

Chief Scientific Officer

Ms. Mariam Khayretdinova is Harvard Extension School graduate student with almost 10-year experience of analytical and consultant work in Tech Industry. She is focused on the comprehensive development of her knowledge in the field of Behavioral Neuroscience. Her true passion is everything that lies within the intersection of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Technologies.

Alexey Shovkin

Alexey Shovkin

Chief AI Officer

Mr. Shovkun Alexey Shovkun (Ph.D. and Kaggel master) has more than 15 years of data science expertise. Shovkun was previously the head data scientist at Fayrix, a specialist software development company of remote software teams and bespoke services for startups. Before that, he held general manager positions at Sberbank-Technology and LANIT. During his work at LANIT, Shovkun implemented analytical data systems for Russian and foreign large companies, such as the Central Bank of Russia, Kraft Foods, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, and the Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Alexey Matveev

Alexey Matveev

Senior Data Scientist

Mr. Alexey Matveev is a Kaggle master. He is graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in computer modeling in chemistry.

Alexey has more than ten years of data science, data analysis, and machine learning expertise to Neuroscience Software. He previously led international teams at LANIT, Microsoft, and Sberbank. He is a PMP/PMI-certified specialist and an active participant in Kaggle competitions. As a project leader, he organized a competition for Sberbank on the Kaggle platform.

Martijn Arns

Martijn Arns, Ph.D.

Science adviser

Founder of Research Institute Brainclinics, author of more than 200 scientific publications. His research focus is on mental health disorders through personalized medicine based on brain imaging, chronobiology, and sleep. He wants to fill the GAP between science and everyday medical practice.

Lana Graf

Lana Graf, Ph.D.

Investment adviser

 Principal Industry Specialist on Artificial Intelligence at the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Before joining the World Bank Group, Lana worked as a corporate executive in the AI and robotics sectors. She developed extensive experience in implementing advanced technologies and process automation solutions across several tech areas, including big data analytics, industrial IoT,  cybersecurity, cloud services for data management, and enterprise software platforms. Lana graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT and served as an adviser and mentor to multiple successful companies and startups focused on AI applications and robotics.



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