Team and Advisors

Read about the people behind Brainify.AI and advisors guiding the project.

Mariam Khayretdinova

Co-founder and CEO of Brainify.AI. On a mission to integrate science and technology to improve mental healthcare.

Degrees in Psychology from Harvard and Applied Mathematics from MESI. 

Core team of multidisciplinary professionals

Mariam Khayretdinova Brainify.AI
Mariam Khayretdinova
Co-founder & CEO, Harvard, TEDx Speaker
Ivan Mishanin Brainify.AI
Ivan Mishanin
Co-founder & COO, Entrepreneur, Harvard Business School
Alex Shovkun Brainify.AI
Alex Shovkun
Chief AI Officer, PhD, Kaggle Master
Maxim Popov Brainify.AI
Maxim Popov
Product Manager
Andrey Kiryasov Brainify.AI
Andrey Kiryasov
Senior Data Scientist, Kaggle Grand Master
Andrey Zhdanov Brainify.AI
Andrey Zhdanov
Signal Processing Data Scientist, PhD
Dmitry Kopylov Brainify.AI
Dmitry Kopylov
Software Architect
Polina Pshonkovskaya Brainify.AI
Polina Pshonkovskaya
Timofei Adamovich Brainify.AI
Timofei Adamovich
Data Scientist

Senior advisory team from world-renowned institutions

Maurizio Fava
Maurizio Fava
PhD, MD, Psychiatrist-in-Chief at MGH
Diego A. Pizzagalli
Diego A. Pizzagalli
PhD, Director of the Depression and Anxiety Center at Harvard Medical School
Conor Liston
Conor Liston
PhD, MD, Weill Cornell Medicine
Jim Doherty
Jim Doherty
PhD, President and CEO at Acumen Pharmaceuticals, Ex-Sage Therapeutics and AstraZeneca
Arkady Sandler
Arkady Sandler
AI & ML Entrepreneur
Marleen Freeman
Marleen Freeman
MD, Professor of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School
Kristina M. Deligiannidis
Kristina M. Deligiannidis
MD, Sage Therapeutics, Northwell Health